Onion Skin & FPS in MotionBook

Onion Skin

When you draw animations in MotionBook, you can make use of the Onion Skin feature. It allows you to see previous and next frames in semi-transparent while drawing.

MotionBook has Onion Skin turned OFF by default, but you can turn it ON and choose to see either 1 or 2 extra frames.

Frames Per Second (FPS)

Frames per second, or called frame rate, controls the speed of your animation. Higher FPS makes you see more frames every second, hence makes you feel the animation is faster. The animation below shows how the same frames look differently with different FPS numbers.

To configure Onion Skin and/or FPS, simply open the timeline settings window – by tapping the right most button (the one with 3 dots) above timeline, and then you can find those controls.

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