Onion Skin & FPS in MotionBook

Onion Skin When you draw animations in MotionBook, you can make use of the Onion Skin feature. It allows you to see previous and next frames in semi-transparent while drawing. MotionBook has Onion Skin turned OFF by default, but you can turn it ON and choose to see either 1 or 2 extra frames. Frames […]

MotionBook 1.6 – Colors 🎨

I’m glad to announce that MotionBook 1.6 is now available to download in App Store. This update focuses on the Color system in MotionBook. Once updated to the latest version, you’ll have full control to your color palette. You may add your favorite colors, or remove the colors that you no longer needed. And of […]

MotionBook 1.5 Update

MotionBook 1.5 Update

I’m glad to let you know that MotionBook 1.5 is now available for downloading. This update comes with a useful “Add Photo” tool, which allows you to insert any photo to your flipbook pages or the background page. You can find this new tool in the Advanced Editing tool set. Oh, and we also fixed […]

MotionBook 1.4 Update

I’m glad to let you know that MotionBook 1.4 is now available to download. This update comes with enhanced Undo / Redo workflow, and a slightly different new look. Some of you may have experienced that when you switched from the Drawing environment to the Editing environment, all your previous drawing history, are gone. Well, […]

Christmas Sale

Want to have more fun with your holiday videos? MotionBook now offers a 60% discount for Unlocking Full Features. This offer ends on EOD Jan. 1, 2019. With full feature unlocked, you got the freedom to use the Advanced Editing Tools in MotionBook, include: Select & Transform your drawing to tweak on details. Copy part […]

Introducing Motion-Book

We are glad to announce that the first version of Motion-Book is now available in App Store. Motion-Book is built for creative people like you, to discover the fun of making flip book animations – on your iPad and iPhone. Drawing frame-by-frame animation with Motion-Book is much easier than you had imagined: Easy to learn […]