Where does MotionBook Save Your Flipbook Files?

MotionBook uses the iOS built-in Files system to manage all your animation documents, in the format of Flipbook files.

By default, iOS saves all your newly created documents in your iCloud Drive, and they are automatically synchronized across all your devices with the same iCloud account.

However, if you’d prefer to save your data in places other than iCloud, you can do that with very easy steps:

  1. Just go to iOS Settings, find MotionBook from the (maybe quite long) app list.
  2. Under the MotionBook settings, change Document Storage to On My iPhone/iPad, or to your favorite storage provider.

Next time you create a new Flipbook file, it’ll be created at the new location. Meanwhile, you can move any existing files to different location too. To do that, open the Files app, Select the files you want to move, then tap the Move button at bottom of the screen. Choose the destination location and tap the Move button again to confirm.

Enjoy animating 🙂

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